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Electronic Whiteboard Price Malaysia

Interactive Whiteboard Price In Malaysia

Nowadays, acquiring either a digital smartboard or a flat panel display has become less and less complicated. As the market for these items keeps getting wider over the years, it is absolutely not surprising at all if you expect the interactive whiteboard price in Malaysia to be highly cost-effective. Before we dig deeper into the matter, let’s take a brief look into the current trend in the global digital whiteboard market.

electronic whiteboard price malaysia

Average Price

According to a study conducted by Grand View Research in March 2020, roughly 70% of the interactive whiteboards around the world are used for educational purposes, while about 15% of them are utilised in the corporate sector. Clearly, those two industries make up a massive chunk of the target consumers for this type of product. It is relatively easy to check out the smartboard price Malaysia at the tip of our fingers. Thanks to the Internet, we can compare and contrast the electronic whiteboard price Malaysia via numerous virtual shopping platforms and company websites. The average smartboard price Malaysia is at a very high cost for small companies and education organizations.

electronic whiteboard price malaysia

Our Price

Rest assured, our products are manufactured to be well within the acceptable range of interactive whiteboard price in Malaysia. Depending on the specifications you prefer, our signature electronic whiteboard price Malaysia are set reasonably. It is far more economical than some of our competitors. We also offer after-sales services and installation services. Our price range truly reflects our commitment to making sure you continue to invest in the perfect technology and other great features in the long run. 5tech makes every effort to keep our boards reasonably priced to ensure that they are accessible to all walks of life.