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Interactive Flat Panel Education min
An interactive flat panel for education is usually a large touchscreen display that is used for meeting rooms, conferences and educational settings. It replaces the outdated projector technology with higher-quality displays, increased connectivity and built-in software solutions. As technology develops, flat panels can replace projectors in schools as they provide better collaboration between students and teachers. Below are some ways in which the panels can benefit the education industry.

#1 Encourages Active Learning

An interactive flat panel for education helps to achieve an active connection between teachers and students as the display can be touched up to 20 points at the same time. You can touch the screen, erase, side, drag and move multiple windows simultaneously. Teachers can teach from multiple sources of content and applications. This helps children to become better at brainstorming, presenting and analysing text or images. This also allows students to increase their attention and participation, which helps them to become more engaged and active in learning. The touch screen and writing features of the flat panels also enable teachers to do group activities in class, thus promoting better connections between students and teachers in the classroom. This also allows for better social and emotional skill development among students.

#2 Easy To Use

Due to their one-and-all function, an interactive panel for education is faster to set up and require minimal maintenance. It is easy to use, which means that little children, as well as those with less knowledge of technology, can adapt to the flat board panel easily. This also means that there is minimal training involved and this can save time and reduce related costs. It helps students and teachers make the most of every moment in the classroom. Studies have shown that in digitally active classrooms, failure rates are 55% lower as compared to traditional learning classrooms.

#3 Versatile And Flexible

An Interactive panel for education allows teachers to move freely and teach anywhere in the classroom, which makes it more convenient than using a regular blackboard or whiteboard. Teachers are also able to share their work with a click of a button, while students can submit their assignments directly on the panel. This will allow teachers to track students’ progress better. Moreover, digital drawings can be saved at any time and can be modified later. Our interactive panels are also compatible with Microsoft office features such as Powerpoint, Word and able to access Adobe PDF files too. Finally, teachers have the liberty to record their sessions, so that they have the option to review the lessons and make improvements.

#4 Clear Display

Most interactive flat panel education are available in multiple sizes and feature some of the latest technology such as anti-glare, low blue light filter and wide viewing angle, thus reducing eye strain. While traditional projectors are limited to a certain brightness and can only be used in semi-dark or dark rooms, flat panels can be used in bright light settings too. Additionally, videos can be played without shadow blocking, as in the case of projectors. But the best part of all, most flat panels have excellent 4K resolution and 4 array microphones.

#5 Multifunctional

Most interactive flat panel education are multifunctional, so it is efficient and cost-effective. The smart boards also have a wireless screencasting option, where they can support a computer, iPad or phone. Speaking of screens, the interactive panels also have the option of displaying multiple screens simultaneously. Additionally, most smart boards have a built-in camera microphone and are compatible with most software, on top of being easy to update the hardware too.