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Interactive Flat Panel Malaysia

Interactive Flat Panel

Now, you might be thinking, “Hold on, aren’t digital whiteboards and flat panels basically the same thing?” As a matter of fact, there are slight differences between the two tools. As the name suggests, an interactive flat panel display consists of only one single touch screen, complete with remarkable technology. As for 5tech, we offer some of the best interactive flat panel Malaysia. Similar to our interactive touch smartboard, our flat panel includes various cool aspects designed to provide exceptional convenience for its users.

Collaborative Access

You can use our board to synchronise your display with any cloud account. This way, anyone – especially students – can take a look at what you are presenting whenever they want to, no matter where they are. As for office work, you can even grant your colleagues’ permission to either download, edit, or share those documents afterwards.

Seamless Setup

Our interactive flat panel display is totally easy to install and use, be it wall-mounted or anchored to a mobile stand. There is absolutely no need for you to attach any cable, connect it to any PC, or even adjust any external equipment. Simply take the screen out of the box, set it up, turn it on, and you are ready to go. Isn’t that awesome, right?

Compatible Systems

We strive to incorporate as many high-tech elements into our flat panels as possible. This includes inserting some of the best versions of the operating system currently available on the market. When it comes to acquiring certain data, the panel can be paired with other external devices via wireless methods as well, allowing for direct access to any desired content.

Stunning Visual Quality

The greatest and most obvious feature of our flat panel is definitely its high-grade display. Much like our interactive touch smartboard, the flat panel produces ultra-high definition (UHD) images with the help of the latest 4K resolution technology. Plus, its screen is specifically made to reduce solar glare and also less straining on the eyes.