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Interactive Touch Smartboard

Interactive Smart Board Malaysia

Ever wonder what is so magnificent about the interactive touch smart board that 5tech has to offer? Well, it is manufactured using the latest technology and equipped with an array of advanced components, making it one of the best interactive smart board Malaysia at the moment.

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Product Features

One of its most noticeable trademarks is certainly its multi-functionality. It combines the features of five different devices all into one single and compact piece of equipment, including an Integrated computer, Playback box, Projector, Projection screen, and Writing board. For those of you who are not quite familiar, the playback box allows you to go back and forth on any audio or visual cue according to your needs. Aside from the above specifications, our signature product is different from other interactive whiteboard Malaysia because it is also filled with so many other custom-built components as well.

4k Resolution

 4K Resolution

Not many interactive board Malaysia nowadays include high-grade visibility. With 5tech, you won’t have to worry about producing stunning visuals for your digital content. Also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD), 4K (which stands for 4,000 pixels) makes an image distinctly refined and detailed. Want some extra clear display? You will definitely get it for sure.

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Android 12 / 13

Our digital board relies on Android 12 / 13 as its operating system. It is recognised as one of the smartest versions of Android because it is simple yet consistent visual-wise and also truly stable. Together with a massive storage space of 8GB for RAM and 128GB for ROM, your data and files are always going to be secure and intact.

Intel min

Intel Core-M

As opposed to other interactive board Malaysia, we install Intel Core-M (either i3, i5, or i7 type) as the main processor for our boards. It provides just the right amount of stability between speed and battery life. When you combine that with DDR3 SDRAM and SSD, your virtual navigation will be seamless.

Educational aids

Educational Aids

Unlike other interactive smart board Malaysia, our tool supports as many as 20 single or double finger-gestures with high sensitivity and rapid response. We even include trigonometric functions and simulation experiments. All of these are great for educators and learners from kindergarten to university.


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