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The process of group meetings has evolved from using oversized paper tablets to whiteboards and markers to on-screen sharing. While on-screen sharing has its benefits, it may not be the most convenient solution. Thankfully, the advancement of technology has birthed the interactive digital whiteboard equipped with state-of-the-art functionality, high performance and sleek design that enables businesses to do more than pen down their thoughts and points whilst presenting.
Interactive whiteboards are changing the way companies across all industries conduct presentations and meetings. In fact, these smartboards are equipped with multiple features that will enhance your next presentation. With that thought in mind, here are some ways to utilise interactive whiteboard for business use to help elevate your business.

#1 Meetings And Presentations Become More Collaborative

Gone are the days of scribbling down notes on paper and having one-sided conversations. With the interactive whiteboard, participants, be it face-to-face or virtually, will be involved in the presentation. Participants will be allowed to converse, iterate, and engage in the discussion in real-time and as such, make changes and receive feedback from colleagues on the spot. What makes it more convenient is that participants can immediately share files, with the added advantage of directly editing the files. Additionally, you also have the option of limiting the editing access to specific individuals to ensure you have control over the presentation.

#2 Improve Inter-team Communication

Communication within a team is crucial as it can impact the team dynamic. With more companies opting for remote work, interactive whiteboards are becoming essential as it allows you to share screens with all of your attendees. That way, every participant views the same information and subsequently, ensures that everyone is on the same track. But above all, participants will be aware of any changes to the document and the content of the meeting without worrying if anything got lost in translation.

#3 Effectively Annotate Documents

We understand the significance of making effective and persistent changes to any documents to save time and resources whilst ensuring that all participants follow any developments seamlessly. Fortunately, our interactive boards for business enable you to highlight or edit specific points, illustrate ideas to ease visualisation, add or remove hyperlinks, include videos and diagrams and more to help improve workflow and communication. As such, your writing and editing will be clear, concise and difficult to misconstrue.

#4 Improve Mobile Connectivity

It is important to note that our interactive whiteboard for business use are not limited to computer or laptop screens or video conferencing equipment. In fact, with the right hardware, you will be able to connect your interactive whiteboard with your Android or iOS devices through a single application. In other words, this will grant you greater interconnectivity as well as range of data sharing. Speaking of data sharing, by using our interactive whiteboards, information will literally be at your fingertips as you will be able to access the information from your connected devices, without the use of mouses and pointers. The best part of all? Ink stains on your fingers and papers will be a thing of the past.

#5 Learning Opportunity For Employees

Thanks to its interconnectivity and collaborative features, interactive boards for business gives businesses the opportunity to conduct digital training sessions in multiple locations simultaneously. That way, the engagement rate will increase, the sessions will be more interactive and thereby, improve the output and outcome of the training sessions. More importantly, the sessions can also be recorded to help your trainers improve future presentations and training.