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Touch Screen Smartboard

touch screen smartboard

Our Products

Our touch screen smartboard replaces the traditional projector and allows you to play anything you like seamlessly as it is built with the latest technological advancement in mind, including:

– Five in one with 4K resolution, RAM 3GB / 4GB + ROM 32GB

– Integrated Microsoft Windows PC

– Smooth writing

– 20 points Multi-touch

– Wireless screen casting

– Build-in Playstore & APKPure Library for Free Apps

– Build-in WPS Office

Interactive Board With Touch Screen

As one of the leading IT suppliers in Malaysia, we take pride in continuously developing new technology to enable us to offer state-of-the-line products that will make our customers’ lives easier. Aside from investing in research and development, we also strive to ensure that we offer comprehensive services to our customers, as your satisfaction is our priority.

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Enhance Learning

Our interactive touch screen smartboard provides an enriched learning experience as they are equipped with visual elements, which will be appealing to younger children, who respond better to visual aids. Furthermore, the touchscreen feature enables teachers and educators alike to run the programmes at their fingertips. This in turn makes the teaching experience seamless.

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While most smart boards are designed with separate spaces to accommodate several students using the smart board together, our smartboard with a touch screen is designed to be multifunctional to facilitate and encourage group activities. This way, the lessons will be conducted more efficiently while the students develop their social skills.

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Environmentally Friendly

As our smartboard with a touch screen obviates the need for paper and ink, teachers will no longer need to photocopy and print sets of papers. Subsequently, teachers and educational institutions will be able to reduce their expenditure costs. Students are able to view any website or video through computer applications, aside from having the option to access a wide range of online resources.

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Technology Combination

Students and teachers are able to connect their computers, video cameras and other devices to aid in their work. This makes it easier as one is able to do a variety of tasks collaboratively while monitoring students’ progress. Studies have shown that in digitally active classrooms, failure rates are 55% lower as compared to traditional learning classrooms.